People Empowered for Progress.

Alacrity answers business challenges with people empowered solutions.

Our Companies

Our expertise is wide ranging and indepth, spanning from strategic people solutions and enterprise level company development & training programmes to career planning and degree programmes.

Consultvia is a leading edge BPO and Consultancy Firm specialising in People Development and Education Sectors.

  • Education Internal Mobilisation and Development
  • Business Process Outsourcer
  • Strategic Development Planning
  • Diversity and Flexible Development Solutions
  • Process and Transformation


Interlearn is a cutting edge National ITP specialising in people development and education delivery within Financial Services, Insurance, Accountancy, Legal, Leadership and Management and Digital.

  • Career Development Planning
  • Workforce Development
  • Apprenticeship Provision
  • Pre Employment and Career Development Support
  • Talent Retention and Upskilling
  • Skills Development Strategist

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Genexia are a pioneering talent resource development provider with a passion for people.

Partnering with Employers and Providers to identify, develop and deliver the right digital solutions to enable them to succeed in developing the best talent.


We source the best people, who, when empowered through opportunity, will enable your business to flourish through drive, direction and devotion.

SoureCo solves our clients’ challenges by working in partnership to source highly skilled staff and giving them the opportunity to implement their skills set, allow your business to thrive.