Ben Rees

Financial Services Education Advisor, Group, Board Advisor

Ben is Group Managing Director of The Opus Group, a multi-disciplinary professional services provider, primarily overseeing the Discretionary Fund Management, Wealth Management and Legal Services divisions. Ben is also a Director of Phoenix Sport & Media Group, a leading player in the provision of ethical legal and financial advice to sports and media clients.

Ben has over 15 years’ experience in this sector and is a highly experienced Chartered Financial Planner and Investment Manager. Ben holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Law (LLB Hons) and Economics (MSc) and is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (PFS), a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments (CISI) and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CTA).

With a breadth of knowledge across the legal, financial and tax sectors, Ben provides strategic advice to the Executive Board on the development of the company’s financial services offering is key in ensuring the companies offering meets their client’s strategic objectives.


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