Julie Duckett

Skills Partner, Skills

Julie is the Group’s Skills Partner and has the primary role of overseeing Apprenticeship contracts. This includes detailed working with Supply Chain and direct delivery teams within all contracts to ensure that development of all partners results in high performance encompassing all aspects of quality and compliance areas.

Julie’s wealth of experience has spanned 20 years and has covered all aspects of roles within the training provision world. This has given her the ability to look at delivery from all aspects which in turn has acted as an influencing force to drive performance successfully, in one instance exceeding targets on a national contract by over 200%. This experience has been reflected in working with internal teams through Ofsted requirements to gain grade 2, to mobilise various ESF contracts and successfully onboard partners increasing their quality of delivery from grade 4 to 1, and increase ability to optimise financial impact

Julie is known for her passion and relationship building with internal stakeholders and external clients which has led to successful completions of contracts.


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